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</br>MARIO LAUFER</br>Principal | Founder & Executive Chef</br>

Principal | Founder & Executive Chef

Mario is the brains and the taste behind the concept. A natural-born chef with an entrepreneurial spirit, Mario gave life to Carrot Express in none other than a gas station. His goal? To promote a healthy lifestyle by offering quick, fresh, healthy food that would never sacrifice on taste. Today, his menu and his original concept’s footprint have grown exponentially, with more than 15 locations across Florida and NYC (and counting)!
CARROT CRAVING: Mario’s Favorite Chicken Bowl

</br>ABRAHAM CHEHEBAR</br>Principal | Chief Executive Officer</br>

Principal | Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur and experienced leader, Abraham provides the fuel that keeps the Carrot Express brand in forward motion. Productivity is the name of the game, and Abraham is always seeking to improve upon existing processes to make everything run smoothly. He is also a great motivator and leader who is constantly elevating the team to deliver the best experience possible daily.
CARROT CRAVING: Josh Overnight Oats

</br>ALBERTO BASSAL</br>Principal | Creative Director</br>

Principal | Creative Director

Alberto is responsible for bringing the Carrot Express brand to life. From overseeing the branding, to social media and marketing, to the in-store experience, Alberto is the eyes and ears of the concept. His role is to ensure that Carrot is delivering a cohesive message through every Instagram post, menu item launch and new store opening (to name a few)! Alberto is also the proud dog dad of Charlie, Carrot’s unofficial mascot.
CARROT CRAVING: Green Goddess Salad With Scottish Salmon

</br>ISABEL ARROYAVE</br>Principal | Chief Financial Officer</br>

Principal | Chief Financial Officer

Isabel is our Goal-driven Chief Financial Officer with experience achieving both financial and non-financial business goals using effective controls and successful planning. She makes sure every aspect of the business is on track. Isabel’s experience spans compliance, documentation, reporting, forecasting, and auditing, so it’s safe to say she’s got her hands full.
Isabel’s Carrot Craving: Paradise Açai Bowl

</br>Michael D. Schatten</br>Director Of Operations</br>

Michael D. Schatten
Director Of Operations

Michael runs a tight ship at Carrot Express, which is no surprise given his 20+ years of operations experience under his belt. Michael supports the brand’s continued growth, making sure we’re properly set up for seamless new store openings and day-to-day operations. He manages P&Ls, budgeting, inventory, staffing, and more. His efforts allow for a streamlined experience across each and every Carrot Express location.
Michael’s Carrot Craving: Chicken Goddess

</br>KELLEY TENCER</br>IT Director</br>

IT Director

As the IT Director of Carrot Express, Kelley brings 20+ years of hands-on information systems experience to Carrot Express. She is responsible for all of Carrot Express technology needs throughout the organization in both guest facing and back of house areas. Kelley prides herself on her unwavering approach to deliver the most technologically advanced solutions with a focus on minimizing department expenses.
Kelley’s Carrot Craving: Salmon Burger

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